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Worked Swirl Herb Slide

Worked Swirl Herb Slide

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  • 14mm & 19mm male herb slides
  • Worked color swirl design
  • Borosilicate glassHerb
  • Colors vary


he Pulsar Worked Swirl Herb Slide is a sturdy borosilicate glass herb slide with a colorful worked bowl. Features a male groundless joint and marble protrusions for the user to easily pull it out of their pipe. Comes in assorted worked color bowls which may vary from what is pictured. Available in 14mm and 19mm joint sizes.

Enjoy a bit of color during your smoke sesh with these Worked Swirl Herb Slides, available in 14mm Male & 19mm Male sizes. These borosilicate glass herb slides feature a swirl of colors sealed within their walls and have exterior marbles that are perfect for gripping to protect yourself from the heat of a hot glass bowl.

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