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Stundenglass x Grateful Dead Gravity Infuser Water Pipe | 15"

Stundenglass x Grateful Dead Gravity Infuser Water Pipe | 15"

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🌟 Grateful Dead x Stündenglass Gravity Bong Infuser 🌟

🎸 Rock 'n' Roll Spirit: Embrace the Grateful Dead vibe with the iconic Stealie logo, amplified by cool white lightning bolts. It's not just a bong, it's a piece of music history!

🌀 360° Kinetic Show: Get ready for a spinning, smooth smoking session, like a Grateful Dead jam. Advanced rotation meets cascading water for a mesmerizing and effortless hit.

🛠️ Tough as a Tour Van: Crafted with durable borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade aluminum, this bong is built for the long haul, just like those epic Dead tours.

🔧 Versatile & User-Friendly: Compatible with a variety of smoking devices, it comes with a handy hookah bowl kit, a glass liner, and a 3-foot hose for easy, direct draws. The adjustable mouthpiece adds to the convenience.

🎁 Collector's Dream: More than a smoking device, it's a Grateful Dead collector's item backed by a solid 10-year warranty. A perfect blend of high-end smoking tech and classic rock flair!

Rock your smoke sessions with this piece of Grateful Dead legacy. It's where music meets smoking art! 🎵💨


  • 15 inches tall
  • Gravity infuser water pipe
  • Collaboration with the Grateful Dead
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Rotating glass water displacement technology
  • Anodized aluminum infusion chamber
  • Includes silicone hose w/ aluminum handle
  • Includes cleaning kit
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