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Pulsar Shire Pipes Churchwarden Tomahawk - 13" / Cherry

Pulsar Shire Pipes Churchwarden Tomahawk - 13" / Cherry

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The Churchwarden Tomahawk Tobacco Pipe from Shire Pipes is a traditionally shaped pipe made with smooth polished Cherry wood. The pipe has a singular seamless design with no connections. Measures 13" long.

Shire Pipes are crafted from quality wood and come in a variety of unique designs. Each beautifully made Shire Pipe comes packed individually in a sturdy, attractive gift box. Even the most discerning customers will love Shire Pipes as they are a wonderful addition to any collection of high quality wooden pipes. Use with your favorite pipe tobacco.

• 13" length
• Made with Cherry wood
• Traditional Churchwarden shape
• Singular design

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