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Orange Chronic Cleaner

Orange Chronic Cleaner

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🍊 Orange Chronic Cleaner | 12oz Bottle

Sparkling Clean: This 12-ounce bottle of Orange Chronic Cleaner is your go-to solution for a gleaming, fresh finish on all your favorite pieces.

Citrus Power: Harness the natural cleaning prowess of citrus to effortlessly strip away residue and build-up.

Eco-Friendly Formula: Crafted with the earth in mind, its formula is as friendly to the environment as it is tough on grime.

Multi-Surface Efficacy: Whether it's glass, metal, or ceramic, this cleaner ensures your smoking accessories look and perform their best.

Easy to Use: Apply, rinse, and enjoy the brilliance. It's that simple to maintain the clarity and cleanliness of your items with Orange Chronic Cleaner.


  • 12 ounce bottle
  • Citrus based glass cleaner
  • Earth-friendly formula
  • Cleans glass, metal, and ceramic
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