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High Voltage Detox Double Flush Combo

High Voltage Detox Double Flush Combo

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The High Voltage Double Flush is the company's most powerful formula. The combination of liquid and capsules is designed to flush high levels of toxins out of the users system. Effective within 2 hours and lasts up to 12.

  • Consume Fast Flush Capsules with 16oz of water.
  • Wait 30 minutes then drink another 32oz of water.
  • Wait one hour and drink the 16oz toxin eliminator liquid with another 16oz of water.
  • Product will be most effective after 3 normal sized urinations.

For Maximum Results
  • Avoid unwanted toxins for 24-48 hours
  • 12-24 hours before taking High Voltage, drink ten 8oz glasses of water over an 8 hour period.
  • Urinate frequently to expel toxins
  • Do not eat large meals or consume Caffeine or fruit juices
  • Avoid over the counter medications, alcohol, acidic liquids, vitamins or salty foods.


  • 16oz bottle + capsules
  • Effective within 2 hours
  • Lasts up to 12 hours
  • Potent toxin cleanse formula
  • Multiple flavor options
  • Made in the USA
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