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Arizer Air MAX Dry Herb Vaporizer | 5500mAh

Arizer Air MAX Dry Herb Vaporizer | 5500mAh

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Enjoy your dry herbs with a high quality device like the Arizer Air MAX Dry Herb Vaporizer. Crafted with quality components, this handheld vaporizer packs a powerful 5500mAh battery. The 26650 lithium-ion battery is interchangeable and can even be used while plugged in thanks to pass-through USB-C charging. The ceramic heating element of the vape preserves flavor and avoids burning herb material. Users can enjoy the Air MAX on the go with the glass straw mouthpiece or with the 14mm male water pipe adapter that allows the vape to be run through a water pipe. Custom session settings give your customer full control over temperature, timers, alerts, and more! There is even a Dark Mode for discreet, low-light use. Pre-pack bowls with ease with Original Glass Pod system, perfect for on the go!


Kit Includes:

    • Air MAX portable micro-heater
    • Battery
    • USB-C charger w/ power adapter
    • Glass aroma tube (70mm)
    • Frosted glass aroma tube (14mm)
    • Glass aroma dish
    • x2 Silicone stem caps
    • x2 PVC travel tube w/ cap (70mm)
    • PVC travel tube w/ cap (aroma dish size)
    • Stainless steel stirring tool
    • x4 Stainless steel filter screens
    • Aromatic botanicals sample
    • Owner's manual
    • Dry herb vaporizer
    • 5500mAh battery
    • Rapid heating ceramic technology
    • Custom session settings
    • Up to 135 minutes of use per charge
    • Isolated airpath
    • Dark Mode for discreet use
    • Rechargeable & interchangeable 26650 lithium-ion battery
    • Includes 14mm male water pipe adapter
    • Pass-through USB-C charging
    • Replacement screens available
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