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Ooze Traveler Series Smell Proof Travel Pouch

Ooze Traveler Series Smell Proof Travel Pouch

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From Ooze's Traveler Series, this Smell Proof Travel Pouch has a discreet yet functional design to protect your items while on the go. This minimalist exterior, in discreet all black, conceals a fully carbon lined interior that keeps odors locked inside.

An removable wrist strap allows this bag to be carried in the hand or simply stashed away in a suitcase for travel. Inside this pouch is a customize-able storage are which can be divided into up to three separate areas. A divider flap also has two elastic straps for vapes or pens and conceals mesh pocket. All this is contained securely by a 3-digit combination zipper lock on the exterior.



  • Smell proof bag
  • Full carbon lining
  • Lockable travel pouch
  • Detachable strap
  • Three inner compartments
  • Mesh pocket & elastic straps
  • Sleek all-black design

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