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GRAV Wedge Bubbler | 3" | 14mm F | Clear

GRAV Wedge Bubbler | 3" | 14mm F | Clear

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The GRAV Wedge Bubbler is a smooth hitting glass waterpipe with a classic and simplistic wedge shape. This geometric water pipe features a fixed fission diffusing downstem with a 14mm male cup style herb slide. These minimalist pipes measure 3 inches (7.6cm) tall.

About Grav Labs

The experts at Grav Labs are located in Austin, Texas and are known worldwide for premier glass waterpipes, pipes and bubblers.


  • 3 inch glass waterpipe
  • Crystal wedge shape
  • Durable boro glass
  • Sold individually
  • Includes built in downstem and 14mm male cup herb slide
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